General Horse Care

This great cartoon says quite a lot about the expenses surrounding horses.

The types of horses we use are generally older and wiser, calm and safe. We try for free-leases whenever possible although owners usually don't let go of the good ones unless they are no longer sound or young enough to handle their sport. This unfortunately also means the "right" horses for us, are most likely getting on in age or issue and need greater levels of creature comforts and physical attention compared to a suitable younger, 100% sound animal.


We desperately need sponsors for the upkeep of each therapy horse.


Approximately $5000 per horse per year (or $416/month) is only $13.70 per day, and will ensure:

  • Hay and grain feeds

  • Stall shavings

  • Regular farrier attention at approx. 5-6 week intervals

  • Routine veterinary care (medications, deworming, teeth care and annual vaccines.)

  • Water and electricity contribution

  • Every horse also has its own brushes, halter, tack (saddle and bridle) as well as multiple blankets, i.e for frigid winter temperatures, and for rainy or milder weather days.


Facility Maintenance,  Promotion Programs



SPONSORSHIP is when a business makes a donation to a charity and, in return, receives advertising or promotion of its brand, products or services. Sponsorships don’t receive tax receipts because they receive promotional value for their efforts.  Providing sponsorship to a charity or to a charitable event is not a gift, and a charity generally cannot issue a receipt for sponsorship. (



This is at the heart of the program because it is the 'envelope' for taking care of seemingly random things, as well as planned activities that do not fall into other categories, e.g.:


  • Trailering to, and renting indoor arena facilities in order to continue offering sessions during bad weather.

  • Plans to add a roof onto the round pen

  • Funds for hired farm help during peak season

  • Helmet sizes availability for all ages

The correct fitting of tack and equipment for both horse and rider is extremely important for their health, safety and general wellbeing. Loose or ill fitting clothing or helmets, and blankets, bits, bridles or saddles either too small or large can easily cause unnecessary problems!

Whether it is a child, youth, or young adult that comes to Victory Time Farm Therapeutic Riding Inc for a therapy session, or an interested parent or supervisor, or service provider and client just doing a look-around, someone (besides Lacie the donkey aka personal welcoming committee, of course) has to be here.

As facilitators we know our horses best and our job encompasses helping smooth the efforts of contact and communication between horse and person, and then interpret horse behaviour and signals to the client. The sessions are virtually one-on-one, so it occupies a great amount of time. (And there are only 24 hours in a day to get everything done!)  We are hoping to be in a place where we can afford to have more assistants who are qualified in therapy to help us with our clients.

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Donations by e-TRANSFER:  

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