Well, hello Everybody!


I belong to the exclusive Victory Time Farm Therapeutic Riding Inc. personal welcoming committee. Members: One. 

When the clients and volunteers come to visit and give me hugs it's great, although it gets pretty busy sometimes because I also need to keep an ear on things...supervise what goes on, to make sure I approve. I may be only 8hh and a donkey, but I am MIGHTY in mind and spirit !

No one knows how old I am (and I am not saying, either) but I've been at the farm for the past seven years.


Everything we do is a TEAM effort - from our Executives at Board level to the volunteers, and the horses we use for our clients.

Our Team.

Viki Fuller-Bastien

Viki is a member of the Ontario Equestrian Federation and Equine Canada. 


She has a background in education as well as the Canadian  Pony Club, and Girl Guides of Canada.  She has instructed English riding for more than 7 years including Therapeutic Riding. 


Viki continues to develop her knowledge through Lanark Leeds and Grenville Addictions and Mental Health; St. John Ambulance First Aid and CPR, The Horse Boy Foundation (Texas, USA) The Autism Connection (Calgary) and the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association of Canada.

Paul is also a member of the Ontario Equestrian Federation, and Equine Canada. 


He has been involved in the Equine Industry for more than 30 years and over the years, has instructed riders in hunter and jumper disciplines. 


Paul's professional background enables him to show compassion and empathy for our Special Needs Riders, encouraging and reassuring students with his incredible sense of humor. 


He continues to maintain his First Aid and CPR, and has achieved certification from the Horse Boy Foundation in Texas as well as Equine Canada Rider Levels.

Paul Bastien
Lena Morton

Lena is now our Coordinator of Volunteers.  


This wonderful woman has given countless hours of her time over the last three to four years. She has assisted with teaching, been a side walker too, and continues to help out with "grunt" work like hay and barn chores.  (Lena and Lacie are also in cahoots around here.) We think Lena

is gifted with the students, horses, and parents. We are very grateful for her time spent on the Board of Directors as well as her help with the Healthy Kids Community Challenge.  


Lena is also  the brains behind the theme "Jump into a Stable Environment". (See the video here)

Jo-Anne Chin

Jo-Anne has been volunteering at Victory Time Farm Therapeutic Riding Inc. for at least three years.  


A talented singer and a teacher of Martial Arts, Jo-Anne instructed the kids at our summer camp. Clearly she is very comfortable with special needs children!


This lovely lady has also helped with barn chores, and assisted students as a side walker.


Jo-Anne has a very good understanding of horses and their body language, and we are so grateful to her for giving time to our programs.

Join Our Team

But please call me TORY.

I'm free-leased too and proud to say I've had a lot of fun competing in Eventing which is the perfect sport for my Selle Francais pedigree..


I'm 28 years old now, and slowing down enough to give therapy clients a gentle ride. At 15.3hh in height I'm a good size, too. I know how to behave nicely and take care of my riders. It's a mare thing.

I'll be retiring soon but come and meet me.

Victory Song

I've been pals with Kodak for 14 years.  I'm 15.2hh and have an Appaloosa x Arabian mom and a Paso Fino dad. I'm very gentle, kind and clever!


I also love people visiting and when I'm thinking hard about something I swing my head from side to side - it makes them laugh :-)


I'm more spirited under saddle than Kodak, but let me tell you: On a lead line, I shine like a star.  I'll walk quietly with my handler and carry my person, for ever!


I'm a 16.1hh Canadian x Paint gelding. They say I'm a gentleman and a big softy . My best things in the world are being groomed, food, and people.  

I like working too and enjoy the attention from people who come to ride me. I also have fun playing with my pasture pals....


Wait! Did I already say that I LOVE food? Like carrots, apples and mints (hint-hint!) and when I'm done munching them I suck my teeth vigorously for enjoy every morsel!


I'm an 18hh Selle Francaise x Draft mare, sweet tempered and g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s, they tell me.


Actually, I'm half sister to Tory and have had extensive training in dressage, and even done some jumping. I'm a steady girl and about as "bomb-proof" as a horse can be.


I'm owned by Shanon Rawlinson and leased to the Therapeutic Riding program, so I get to have people fuss all over and around me while I take them for walks. Yay, me!



I am a Caspian horse and had to shorten my barn name because I'm registered as: KRISTULL PATTONS CARDEZCIA which is quite a mouthful to say, or yell out the window when I'm nibbling on the flowers!

I'm a 14 year-old cutie, 11.2hh and formerly pulled carts but now enjoy being part of the sessions, here. I'm owned by John and Pat Landreville and also free-leased on a long term, to Viki and Paul.

Like Zorro, I am more spirited but I also know how to be good and love being hugged, brushed and pampered by all the children.


Or 'LITTLE BIG MAN' formally.

As you can see from my coat, I am a beautiful, fiery red chestnut with pretty white markings. I'm a 12year old Quarter Horse standing 15hh and I'm excited to be a part of this team!


My owner is Vanessa Anne Bastien and together, we have done all kinds of fun sports, from hunter classes to jumping, and polo too! I'm a been-there-done-that-plenty kind'a guy so in my own words (interpreted, of course) I'm pretty much perfect for this job!

Winter Tyme

You're welcome to simply call me WINTER.


I'm 23yo and a 13.2hh Welsh cross gelding. I'm friendly with all the horses but Lacie is my best buddy, even though she has not competed at FEI Level Dressage, like me.

I belong to Brianna McMillan who free-leased me to Viki and Paul on a very, v-e-r-y long term. I secretly think they hope it's for ever and I won't mind, because just like all the other horses here, I love my job and I love children, and enjoy meeting all the people that come to the farm for therapy.

Eternity Song

Just call me 'Evie' - everyone else, does.


I am 9 years old, quite young to be a therapy horse, actually. I think I take after my mom - you read about her further up the page - Victory Song (Tory).  We are smart horses, mom and me.


One day I had to fill in for another, regular therapy horse who was having foot issues. I did such a wonderful job that I've been used for therapy, ever since then.  I must say I do have favourite riders...Sean is my bestie!  But I do love my human mom too. I'm owned by Viki Fuller-Bastien, and we train in dressage and do a little bit of jumping.

Sandy and Treasure


Thank goodness for these blankets! Gosh, the thing about being short is that your belly is close to the ground in winter. Ha! But we can also get at the summer grass, first. :-)


Yes, we are Sandy and Treasure. We've been told we are cute-cute-CUTE! We figure that definitely means we are cute. The children just love us to bits, but we aren't here all the time.

Sometimes we come to Victory Time Farm for a special event and often Pat Landreville will take folks for a little ride in the buggy.

                                     Here's a photo --->

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